We repair and work on all types of fuel tanks

  • Motor vehicles
  • Motorcycles , Vespas and other scoorters
  • Trucks
  • Lawnmower
  • Industrial equipment
Motor cycle fuel tank

Re-paring a motorcycle fuel tank

Methods of rust removal:

Depending on the need we have various options of rust removal

Heated caustic soda bath:
The rusted tank is first cleaned from all dirt; then it is the submerged in the heated caustic soda solution. Keeping that bath heated is expensive that is why we are one of the few workshops still offering this de-rusting method. This is  the preferred method  but is not recommend when you want to keep your paint job perfects such as motorcycle tank

  • The advantages of caustic soda rust removal is
  • The process is relatively quick acting
  • Caustic Soda does not attack iron or steel base metal
  • Does not leave a highly active surface
  • Can also remove paint and grease
  • Effective for deep rust removal

Please note hot Caustic soda alkali is very corrosive, dissolving soft metals such as aluminium, its use is restricted to iron and steel parts only.

Electrolysis rust removal

With electrolysis for rust removal you are not abrading the object  and removing metal. It’s better for the object, especially if you’re concerned about its value. Electrolysis provides a very easy way to get rust out of an objects nooks and crannies.

Electrolysis is a process that uses the power of electricity to split elements and compounds. An electric current is passed between a negatively charged electrode called a cathode and a positively charged electrode called an anode. This electric current breaks the bonds that hold the substances together.

This works well for motorcycle tanks, the process is a slower than the caustic but you don’t have the risk of damaging your paint job.




Where appropriate we do sandblasting to remove rust


Fuel tank repair:

We also cut, repair and weld fuel tanks


Relining fuel tanks

There are a couple of options for protecting your tank against future rust

Red oxides
Red oxide primer is a specially formulated coating used to coat  ferrous metals. with anti-corrosive pigments to stop and prevent rust on new and weathered metal. Red-oxide primer prepares your metal for a topcoat, but it also gives iron and steel surfaces a layer of protection. Working with red oxide primer is not difficult, but it helps to be aware of some safety precautions and application tips.


Red oxide primer is intended for use on interior and exterior ferrous metal and is not usually suitable for galvanized or nonferrous metals like aluminium, copper or brass. Ferrous refers to metals that contain iron. If you’re uncertain whether your metal is ferrous or nonferrous, use a magnet to test it. Ferrous metals are magnetic, and nonferrous metals are not. It is also not suitable for use on asphalt or bituminous surfaces.

Red oxide primer is an anti-corrosion coating designed to stop rust formation. It can be applied directly over a rusty surface and is most ideal for exterior use. Red oxide primer can be covered with most conventional topcoats once it fully dries.



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