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At Radiator King, we specialise in the sales, fitment, and repair of radiators and fuel tanks. With over 40 years of experience, we ensure your cooling systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Automotive Radiators:

  • Aluminum Radiators: Lightweight and highly efficient for cars and trucks.
  • Copper-Brass Radiators: Known for their excellent heat dissipation and durability.

Heavy-Duty Radiators:

  • Industrial Radiators: Designed for heavy machinery, generators, construction equipment, and agricultural vehicles.
  • Truck Radiators: Specifically built for trucks and commercial vehicles.
  • Heat Exchangers: In manufacturing and processing industries, heat exchangers are used to manage temperatures in chemical reactions, power generation, and machinery operation.

Other Related Products:

  • AC Condensers: Work in conjunction with radiators to cool the vehicle’s air conditioning system.
  • Inter-coolers: Used in turbocharged or supercharged engines to cool the compressed air before it enters the engine.
  • Automotive Heater Cores: Provide heat for the vehicle’s interior by utilizing the engine’s coolant.
  • Fans and Fan Clutches: Ensure adequate airflow through the radiator.
  • Radiator Caps: Essential for maintaining proper pressure in the cooling system.
  • Coolant/Antifreeze: Essential for maintaining optimal engine temperature and preventing freezing.


  • Testing and Diagnosis:
    Comprehensive testing and diagnosis of radiator and cooling system issues to ensure optimal performance.
  • Radiator Fitment:
    Professional installation and fitting of new radiators for all types of vehicles.
  • Radiator Cleaning and Repair:
    Cleaning and repairing radiators to remove debris, fix leaks, and restore functionality.
  • Flushing Services:
    Removing oil and other contaminants from the vehicle’s cooling system to ensure efficient operation.
  • Re-coring Services:
    Replacing the core of copper radiators while reusing the existing tanks and framework, extending the life of the radiator.
  • Welding Services:
    TIG Welding: Precision welding for delicate and high-quality repairs.
    MIG Welding: Efficient welding for robust and durable repairs.
    Soldering: Expert soldering for small and intricate repairs.
  • Sandblasting:
    Cleaning and preparing radiator surfaces through sandblasting, removing rust and old paint for a smoother finish.

Fuel Tank Services:

  • Fuel Tank Repairs: Repairing leaks and damages in fuel tanks to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning: Cleaning the inside of fuel tanks to remove contaminants and maintain fuel quality.
  • Metal Fuel Tank Refurbishment and Coating: Professional inner and outer plastisol coating to protect and enhance the durability of your fuel tanks. This specialized service is only offered by two companies in South Africa.

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