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  1. Radiators: Different types of radiators for various applications, including automotive and  industrial use.
  2. Heat Exchangers: Various types of heat exchangers such as shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, finned tube heat exchangers, and coil heat exchangers.
  3. Cooling Towers: Cooling towers for large-scale heat dissipation, commonly used in industrial and commercial settings.
  4. Fans and Blowers: Cooling fans and blowers designed to enhance heat dissipation and airflow in radiators and heat exchangers.
  5. Heat Transfer Fluids: Specialised fluids used in heat exchangers to facilitate efficient heat transfer, such as coolants, refrigerants, and thermal oils.
  6. Radiator and Heat Exchanger Components: Individual components and spare parts required for the assembly, repair, and maintenance of radiators and heat exchangers, including tubes, fins, gaskets, headers, and seals.
  7. Cooling System Additives: Products like radiator flushes, sealants, and coolant additives that help maintain the performance and longevity of cooling systems.
  8. Cooling System Test Equipment: Diagnostic tools and equipment used for testing and evaluating the performance of radiators and heat exchangers, including pressure testers, flow meters, and thermal imaging cameras.
  9. Heat Recovery Systems: Energy-efficient systems that recover and reuse waste heat generated in industrial processes, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs.
  10. Customised Solutions: Custom-designed radiators and heat exchangers tailored to specific customer requirements, providing solutions for unique applications or space constraints.



  1. Radiator Repair and Maintenance: Comprehensive repair and maintenance services for radiators, including leak detection and repair, core cleaning and flushing, fan and thermostat replacement, and overall performance optimization.
  2. Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Servicing: Thorough cleaning and servicing of heat exchangers to ensure optimal heat transfer efficiency, including descaling, tube cleaning, and replacement of damaged or worn-out components.
  3. Radiator and Heat Exchanger Reconditioning: Expert reconditioning services for damaged or worn-out radiators and heat exchangers, including repairs, replacements, and refurbishments to restore their functionality and extend their lifespan.
  4. Custom Radiator and Heat Exchanger Design: Tailored design and fabrication of radiators and heat exchangers to meet specific customer requirements, considering factors such as space limitations, cooling capacity, and operating conditions.
  5. Cooling System Installation and Upgrades: Professional installation of cooling systems, including radiators, heat exchangers, fans, pumps, and related components, as well as upgrades to enhance performance and energy efficiency.
  6. Cooling System Diagnosis and Troubleshooting: Thorough inspection and diagnosis of cooling systems to identify and resolve issues such as coolant leaks, insufficient cooling, poor heat transfer, or malfunctioning components.
  7. Cooling System Flushing and Fluid Replacement: Flushing out old coolant, cleaning the system, and replenishing it with fresh heat transfer fluid to maintain optimal cooling performance and prevent system damage.
  8. Radiator and Heat Exchanger Testing and Evaluation: Performance testing and evaluation of radiators and heat exchangers using specialized equipment and techniques to assess heat transfer efficiency, pressure drops, and overall system effectiveness.
  9. Emergency Radiator and Heat Exchanger Repairs: Prompt and reliable emergency repair services for critical cooling systems to minimize downtime and prevent further damage, ensuring businesses can quickly resume operations.

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